Where and How to Vote

Linda, Jenifer, and Matthew will be appearing on ballots throughout the city under Column “B” and the slogan “Students First.”

Students First New Brunswick is asking our supporters to vote for all three Students First candidates, and to vote YES on the school budget.

Unfortunately, the City has made it harder to vote this year, by ordering the closure of four different voting locations. The initial plan was to close six locations, but our candidates fought the plan and two places were restored.

The following voting locations will be open on April 20:

  • Lord Stirling School (101 Redmond Street)
  • Woodrow Wilson School (133 Tunison Road)
  • Redshaw School (216 Livingston Avenue)
  • Roosevelt School (83 Livingston Avenue) *RESTORED*
  • Housing Authority Office (7 Van Dyke Avenue) *RESTORED*
  • Board of Education Office (268 Baldwin Street)
  • New Brunswick Middle School (1125 Livingston Avenue)
  • Department of Public Works (400 Jersey Avenue)
  • First Reformed Church (9 Bayard Street)
  • Lincoln School (66 Bartlett Street)

Every location will be open from 7AM until 8PM.

Here is a map of the open (blue) and closed (grey) voting locations:

If you normally voted at the Senior Center or Providence Square, your new polling location this year is Lincoln School at 66 Bartlett Street.

If you normally voted at the Hungarian Heritage Center, your new polling location is the Department of Public Works at 400 Jersey Avenue.

If you normally voted at the Rutgers Labor Education Center, your new polling location is Woodrow Wilson School at 133 Tunison Road.

If you are in need of transportation to your voting location, please contact us at 732-485-3805 and leave a message if no one is able to answer.

If you need a mail-in ballot, you can request one at the County Clerk’s Office (75 Bayard Street) until 3pm on Monday, April 19.

If you have a mail-in ballot, you can return it to:

  • the Board of Elections (11 Kennedy Boulevard in East Brunswick)
  • the drop-box in front of the County Building at 75 Bayard Street
  • the drop-box in front of “The Yard” at 40 College Avenue
  • any post office or mailbox (must be postmarked by Tuesday April 20 and arrive by Thursday April 22)